International Workshop

Bottlenose dolphin conservation and monitoring in the North-Western Mediterranean Sea


1-2 December 2015

Villa Méditerranée, 13000 Marseille, France

In the framework of the GDEGeM project, the GIS3M, in partnership with the French marine protected areas agency, the WWF France, the ACCOBAMS and the Pelagos Sanctuary, will organise an international workshop on bottlenose dolphin conservation and monitoring in the North-Western Mediterranean Sea. This workshop will gather experts, scientists, managers and institutional bodies to share expertise, knowledge, issues and challenges on bottlenose dolphins conservation in the NWMS and particular attention will be given to:

- Ecology and monitoring

- Strategies of conservation

- Measures of conservation

- Networking


Important Dates

Abstract submission


Special events


Organizing Committee : Hélène Labach, Susan Gallon, Boris Daniel, Léa David, Olivier Gimenez, Aurélie Tasciotti

Expert Committee : Alain Barcelo, Jérôme Couvat, Boris Daniel, Léa David, Frank Dhermain, Nathalie Di-Méglio, Fannie Dubois, Olivier Gimenez, Guido Gnone, Hélène Labach, Pascal Mayol, Giuseppe Notarbartolo di Sciara, Denis Ody, Vincent Ridoux

Fondation MAVA
Agence des aires marines protégées